A Labyrinth

Yesterday (or was it the day before…) we stayed overnight in a hotel because the next day I had to go to a pain doctor. I’m not entirely sure what he said, but I now understand that nerve pain is a very complex pain and there is no ‘right’ or ‘good’ way to treat it, but some things help. I so was looking more for a quick cure, an easy fix, something that would just numb me to the core and take me out of this pain. But the fast patch jobs never last long and don’t ‘deal with the problem’. And that, my friends, we know sucks. Majorly.

There is only the straight and narrow version for describing ‘dealing with the problem’ right now and it more than sucks. Its a deep kind of disappointment and bitter realization that a cup of tea and a triple chocolate muffin can’t quite fix.
And, that is SO not what I wanted to hear.
I want to hear exactly what I feel will work.
This isn’t a world of Care Bears and rainbows, of frolicking and innocence, and deep-fried chocolate sugar coatings. We sure don’t have a utilitarian government, or, some would argue, even a wholly democratic government. 
We have what we are given, what we take, earn or even choose to believe. And if we don’t like that lot, we make a change. We embody a change. We breath it until we fully believe it and make others. 
I’m working at it. I don’t like this lot at all quite frankly and plan on making change. I believe I can, and now, like butter-cream frosting on a rather reluctant chocolate cake, we’ve got to spread the truth and make the change. Before the lies and ignorance changes you. I live and breath and play and run and laugh like the rest. But if it could change me, it sure as hell could change you. Call it cliche. But if you aren’t sitting in my chair, don’t call it cliche. 
And that is the straight and narrow.  

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  1. raven
    October 25, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    I’m sorry to hear that there is no easy treatment for you pain. I hope they can find a treatment that will at least offer some relief.


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