A Second Opinion?

A few days ago we went to an Infectious Disease Doctor in Victoria.

I suddenly feel very confident that I can become a Doctor. Already I know much much more than a Paediatric Infectious Disease Doctor in the area of Lyme Disease.
Here’s an interesting tid-bit about my ‘sickness’….I’m not actually sick! Not with Lyme! Isn’t that great news guys *rolls eyes*? Because I have a negative ELISA Lyme test (which is ridiculously inaccurate, and well known to be), I could not possibly have Lyme Disease. A diagnosis? : nothing yet. Interesting isn’t it, that they can be so sure I DON’T have Lyme Disease, but have nothing else to offer me diagnosis wise. Hmmmm… highly suspicious, don’t you think?
We just talked for awhile. She examined me, rather roughly I thought, for some patient who complained of extreme, overall body pain. Nothing.
We had the whole crew there, the four of us (Nancy, Chris and Dave)…I call it ‘intimidation tactics’ or ‘prove-ers’ in my head…but it didn’t really work.
I was very exhausted afterwards. Its exhausting to be in excruciating pain.

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