I’m not gonna lie, I do not like starting my day with needles…it casts a shadow over the rest of the day, don’t you think? You can imagine my dismay then when I woke up and was walking (well, teetering really) to the bathroom when I heard mention of ‘B12’ shots. Lets just say I quickly barracaded myself in the bathroom. I was not impressed with the way this day was starting.

Yah, they gave me the shot. I give in pretty easy, and actually kind of forgot what I was waiting for, or more likely what awaited me when I left. I’d like to clarify that I’m not worried that needles HURT, because, lets face it they don’t, but it would be nicer if they did in a way, then I could more rationally hate them! But no. Instead, the idea of injecting some foreign substance into my body just doesn’t fly with me. I’m not a fan. ESPECIALLY cause I got that damn PICCline, and I naively figured that I was in the clear for shots, and that they could just plug me in and inject me that way. Oh how not cool.

The rest of the day was alright to be honest. Amy took me out and we went to the drugstore ( 😀 ) and got some stuff and just chilled. It almost made up for such a bad beginning!

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  1. Lisa P.
    July 21, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    see, bad days can turn around! i just had to get some blood work done today (i know you’re a pro at getting those done). if thats what ya gotta do get kill those bugs, get ‘er done!

    i know there should be a more pleasant way to get things into your bloodstream. i mean, its not natural to stick sharp objects into your arm, find another way!

    i mean really, look at the technology we have! we can clone sheep, inject fat in our cheeks to get rid of wrinkles, we can send men to the moon, but we don’t have an alternative to injections! come on people, we’re a civilized society!

    i think WE should invent an alternative to needles! somehow….

    see ya babe!
    ~ Lisa


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