Commanded Musings

Today 5 people came to visit and i think they are from somewhere news like? there are two nice people in this room, and they have pretty sweet cameras i must say. its quiet except for the clicking of keys, their tattoo the only sounds, save for the buzz of electronics. Nancy is here which is nice. they just took away my sticky notes so now i don’t really know what is going on…i don’t really know who is here but i guess i will just sort of get used to that. they are filming

I’m going to Seattle pretty soon. unfortunately, so i hear, there will be no shopping involved which is such a shame really. i love the ferry ride over…the waves and the fast moving boat.
or by air with the incredible view. i hope if we do fly i get to sit in the cock-pit again. its so cold up there though.

its a warm day, warm enough not to quite warrant a sweater.

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