I Heard the Bells…

Happy Christmas everyone!!

Christmas was nice, the quiet kind, but in a way that was rather comforting. We didn’t do anything special, but of course the dinner was magnificent! All of my favourites (stuffing or dressing, depending where you live ;P) and of course homemade cranberry sauce!!

I felt just awful during the day. It seems that whenever the chance arrives that there could be a good day, the Lyme stamps it out quite effectively. It is cruel, although I know the bacteria doesn’t really check a calendar.

I did, however have a fun time playing some classic christmas songs from my monster christmas book, which I absolutely love! All those familiar songs are easy enough to play too, so there isn’t much thinking involved. There is something wonderful about traditions; they wrap you up in a wonderful warmth and fill you with a feeling of belonging.

Some of the best presents I’ve ever received, however, aren’t the kind that came in beautiful boxes and bows under a tree. The most cherished gift I have ever received are intangible. Is there anything quite as wonderful or perfect as love? If there is anything more important or beloved than a friendship, what is it? Could there be anything more precious than compassion, more blessed than a smile, more valued than a kind word? Is there anything that could be more special than this, all, every, moment?

But of course, none there are.

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