Lazy Days Blur Together

It’s begining to look more like summer. And feel more like summer. Its sticky outside, but not very, and warm enough that I dont need a sweater with my short-sleeve shirt, but not quite warm enough for shorts. At the lake, you could probably judge the season by the amount of ‘traffic’ across the waters. People are giving their ‘skiidoos’ a test-run and others driving their boats in lazy circles, trolling for fish, long after the sun goes down. The poplar trees’ cotton flies around in swrils, so it looks like snow from a bank just was blown up, up and away. It would be the perfect kind of ‘snow’, I’ve always said, that if it was warm when it snowed I would like it far better than this. I wonder if they can make clothes from poplar cotton…does anyone know?

I just changed my dressing. Its looking lovely, all clean and strile and white. The PICC line has become like a tag along kid in primary school: once you’ve spent enough time being chased by the damn person and telling them constantly to go away, until you realize after they’re gone, that they really weren’t so bad after all. It only bothers me when I bother it I suppose- when I twist my arm at ridiculous angles, try and lift something heavy or wheel myself around – rather like a dog that will only bite if you seriously bother it. I’d encourage anyone who was sick and needed a PICC line to not wait, because time won’t, and quite frankly its not so bad as you thought- as I thought.

I went down to Burlington a few days ago to visit family. It was fun but very tireing. We hung out with my grandparents and other set of aunt and uncle, and it was so wonderful to see them again. Living out west (usually) we don’t get out here very often. How quickly the unusual has become usual. On our way home (on my moma’s birthday!!) we went to the Toronto Zoo. I had way too much fun…I felt like a five year old! We saw some amazing animals, but it always makes me sad that they have to live in a zoo. The zoo was very clean and the animals seemed happy.

“Zoo” is a great scrabble word, you know….

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  1. Lisa
    June 17, 2009 at 1:37 am

    Hey Nicole!

    yeah i don’t know if you can weave fabric from the cotton that flies off the trees! but i wouldn’t want anything from it, it makes me sneeze.

    aww.. a zoo! i haevn’t seen a zoo in… i think like 11 years! and don’t feel bad, Canadian zoos take very good care of their animals, have strict guidelines to follow, and the animals are usually there so the zoologists can help breed them and help the species! plus, if the animals have never been out into the wild, they don’t know any other lifestyle!

    tell your mum i say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHRIS!!” I think she has the same birthday as one of my aunties! and i guess if she’s twins with your aunt, wish her a happy birthday from me too!

    enjoy the weather and the sun! i know how much you love the sunshine! our lil Cali girl!

    ~ Lisa


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