Mo’ Drugs

I feel VERY strange today. I haven’t actually given that much thought to the feeling, but I suppose it feels like somebody pumped a whole shitload of drugs into me and then spun me around ten times like they do at birthday parties before a pinata  and then asked me a bunch of really brain-hurting questions. 

I changed my own dressing today again. And I’m quite proud of myself actually! Its really hard to do one handed- I can attest to that. I feel strongly about doing the things that are remotely possible to do alone, alone. I apparently all the time say ‘I can do it myself’ which, annoys some people *cough* *mama* *cough*, but you couldn’t understand the crazy need to do some things for myself, until you cannot walk. 
I started on another antibiotic  drug a few days ago called ‘Doxycycline’ or something that sounds an awful lot like that. It is working, no let me rephrase that, its getting where it needs to get because I feel so UBERLY shitty that it only means that I could have pissed off the Lyme bugs, which hurts now alot! Short term loss, long term gain don’t they say? It makes me feel like somebody put a few weights on top of my head (I should add that to my list of metaphors for how I feel today – please see above)
I feel like I’m getting sick, which is quite ironic cause usually all the times I say that nowadays I mean like I’m getting sick-er, from the Lyme. In this case, I actually mean I feel like I’m getting a cold. I forgot what it feels like to get cold-like-sick. It seems laughable that I used to complain about getting a cold. I still hate colds. They are annoying in the way that Lyme hurts.
We went out for Thai food tonight, which is obviously like the BEST kind of food ever. Especially curries! I love curry! It’s like the only thing I can taste. And spicy food is supposed to be good for pain. Thats what they say! 

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  1. Anonymous
    April 2, 2009 at 1:59 am

    Hi from Hawaii,
    Lauren would totally agree with you on the joys of Lyme. She had a terrible month and yet her doctor has reaffirmed that means she is getting better. Two steps forward, one step back, all the way to the finish line. Go for it!! Aloha, Robin

  2. Sierra
    April 3, 2009 at 4:45 pm


    You are totally right, Thai food is the BEST!
    I miss you.
    I have Easter Holidays now for 2 weeks. Im going to Wales for a Duke fo Edinburgh Expedition so im going Into The Wild for 5 days…
    Lets hope I make it out of there.. Wales is a mysterious place.. you can never trust all those sheep.

    Te amo MUCHO!

  3. Lisa
    April 4, 2009 at 4:05 am

    you can’t really blame your mum, she is your mum after all! its kinda her job to freak out at you! its all in your best interests! but i still cheer for you to change your dressing solo!

    OMG don’t you just love the names they come up with for these drugs! its like a group of doctors lines up the alphabet and threw darts at it and whichever letters it landed on would be its name! oh and try commiting these names to memory for future Scrabble games! could probably knock up some major points for that name!

    Thai food blows my mind, its like sweet and savory and crunchy and tangy and yummmmm all in one dish! and if its good for the pain, a better excuse for more Thai food!

    love ya!
    ~ Lisa


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