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A few days ago, we went to Hyde Park, New York -home of the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and FDR’s library and home, and near Vassar! – to go to a *gasp* doctor! Yah, that totally took you by surprise! Bet you didn’t see that one coming *rolls eyes*. We saw my other Lyme doctor, Dr. Horowitz’s PA, Lauren and then Dr. Horowitz came in with Dr. Hecht a visiting naturopath from Maine or New Hampshire.  The PA can do everything a doctor does-prescribe, examine, discuss, blahblah- but they are underneath the doctor, and the liability is all his. So pretty much a sweet deal! She was nice but we seemed to talk for such a long time and I was so sleepy! We waited an hour and forty-five minutes on top of that to actually see the PA! Crazy! They put me on ANOTHER drug which should help me, or make me sicker and then help me. I don’t really know. We drove there and back in one day…it’s only two hours each way but still! I’m real tired now. Gotta go. 

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  1. Lisa
    March 25, 2009 at 1:22 am

    wow, u seem to be doing a lot of driving around! sounds like life at home and life in new haven isn’t that different after all. u used to have to drive from Sooke all the way to Oak Bay each day! good weather or bad, u made the trek each day!

    well at least you’re getting treatment in the US of A! in canada we’re still all “well, we can’t prove it exists, blahblahblah..” cuz u know if they recongnize there is a problem then they’ll have to *gasp* pay!!! u know they’ll give out antibiotics for Lyme disease to dogs, my dog had a tick and they said if the sample comes back postive for Lyme, they would give us meds for her. but for humans? NOOOO… no no no, there’s no Lyme!

    Urgh, so frustrating! anyway, ur getting better, and thats all that matters! we’ll see u soon sweetie! keep ur chin up! ur sense of humour hasn’t changed, i can tell from reading ur other posts!

    i love ya chica!


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