Nothing To Report

Well this week has been okay. I feel extra specially bad for no good reason, which is always a treat. 

Saw an endocrinologist. Hopefully if I see him enough I may be able to pronounce his name. Apparently my thyroid meds are a good choice and  he sent me for some ‘gasp’ blood work, which I have yet to do. Yeah. Blah blah blah. He was real nice though! Thats always welcome! And the best part of endocrinology is that its mostly questions and blood work! No painful prodding necessary- a bonus! 
We had Thai appetizers after (my fav!). Satay, and spring rolls and curry puffs!
I did my own dressing change today! It looks very neat and tidy and no ickyness ie) blood, puss, infection, blood (did I mention that?). It kinda hurts though. In my chest is where I feel it. Its kinda like there’s a little stone in my chest and its poking me from inside. Its not comfy. I’m so tired I think I’m falling asleep as we speak. 
I think it is also time to publicly (oh isn’t that official) announce that I am moving to Ontario at the end of this month. I’m going to stay with my aunt in uncle (oh…and big cuz, I forgot! Love you!) a few hours outside of Toronto. They live on this gorgeous lake so I’m totally stoked. I just wish it was home! But its a start I guess!

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  1. Lisa
    April 18, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    hey Nicole!

    my Bottles! sounds like you’ve been busy! i love this blog! i can keep up on all the stuff in your life! don’t worry, you’ll be back soon! thats great you can change your own dressing! cuts down on the nurses and doctor trips for that!

    i love thai food! its so yummy, i think i remember you coming into town for a while a we ate thai food! my personal favorites are pad thai gai and gang karee with chicken! we’ll have to go out for Thai food when you’re back!

    take care my dear! and have fun at the lake! the weather is warming up, it should be just the thing you need! a nice home on a peaceful lake, with family!

    love you forever!

  2. Anonymous
    April 19, 2009 at 4:02 am

    Woot woot! I know I am pumped! about the coming to visit business.
    love you oodles little girl. xoxoxo


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