Yesterday was not one of those days that, if I could remember it, I would look back with a warm/fuzzy feeling in my stomach. But I believe my patience and display of stoic behaviour (and diplomacy) could be looked back on fondly someday. When I learn how to change the damn needle myself, I will be able to laugh at this, certainly!

The day started out as one generally does, with sun rise over the cotton ball sky and all that sort of thing. General, when a smiling nurse enters the building while one is eating breakfast, quite frankly, one completely looses their appetite and thinks “what a jolly good way to start the day”, but perhaps with a few more choice words. 
The lady was very nice. A golf clap for being nice, definitely, and 2 gold stars for trying. I am afraid that is the end of the accolades. 
I recognize that a ‘Huber’ needle is rather tricky, but we figured that a nurse could handle taking it out. Well…well, not quite.  She certainly tried hard enough, which was un petiet peut uncomfortable, but what can one say? We (well she did all the work) to get the damn needle out, and then back in again for an hour. We had to call two different doctors in the USA in order to walk her through how to get it out, and back in. Grr. Eventually (apparently) I politely asked if there was someone on her team who would be able to do this. I tried not to be mean, but by this point I was very put out by all the pinching of my the tender, recently placed catheter. I was very annoyed that we had to go to ER in order to get the needle taken out, which is actually a very easy thing. We had to go through the whole ER thing, and FINALLY they did put in a new needle in, a procedure that took perhaps a minute, but was all day coming. I was feeling particularly bad on that day too, which didn’t help matters. 
Well its in. Needle numero dos. I like it as much as the first, maybe more *rolls eyes*. 
Honestly, it isn’t that bad. Or painful really. The idea of having a needle in my chest revolts me so much. I would love disassociate/disown the right side of my chest, but such things have technical problems. 

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