People we met at Doctor Jones’ office, Steffan and Sharla, came for dinner tonight. It was really fun, cause they are real chill people and Steff is sick too, so he understands about the whole ‘Lyme thing’. I feel so shitty today because of the sleep study last night/morning, which obviously wasn’t like the best time I’ve ever had *rolls eyes*. Steff listens to righteous music, and we did our IV’s together, which is what cool people do for fun. Ha!! It’s hard to imagine getting to know someone when you can’t remember the past minute, let alone their name, but they were so nice and kept introducing themselves again and again, which made me feel like less of a fricken looser! 

I’ve been emailing both Steff and Sharla frequently, or so I hear, so I wasn’t a complete stranger to them, although they were to me! Life is so strange like that. I’m glad they came over…it’s so nice to be with people who understand, and are way chill! 
I’m so tired though it feels like my brain has been leeched through my eyes. Peace out!

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