Summer In Spring!

Today was such a gorgeous day. I am not joking when I say that it was 83 degrees F (or 28 degrees C). Isn’t that ridiculous!? Even now, at like almost 9 o’clock, I’d say its in the low seventies! OMG! I’m in heaven. And a short sleeve shirt, which is like a rare occasion for me! 

We went to Whole Foods today which was super-dee-duper fun obviously! We bought scallops and had them for dinner! Yum! I wonder why scallops are always de-shelled, versus like a clam or oyster ‘in the shell’? I could google it but that would take the mystery out the ‘mysterious’ de-shelled scallops, which would practically be a crime!

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  1. Lisa
    May 11, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    fuck why do you have all the good weather! its been rainy and gray and cold here for the past week! like we haven’t topped 15 degrees C! crazy cold, especially for May! usually we’re outside on the backfield, eating lunch in the sun and sun tanning (if not playing football with the guys :P)! come back and bring the sun with you! it seems to like you! i know how much you appreicate it!

    love ya!

    ~ Lisa Pommelet xoxo


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