The Lakehouse

The past few days have been really nice. It’s been in the 60’s (like 18 C ish) which is just duckie by me. And no mosquitoes yet, which is a bonus! (I am not a fan of bugs … especially the ones that bite. I’ve probably had a grand total of 3 bites in my life, so I’m not looking forward to bug season, not gonna lie). 

The past few days we’ve been out and about exploring the big city of Lakefield and Peterborough. Pretty sure we’ve cased all the grocery stores, and the Wal-Mart and Costco so far! There seems to be a lot of space here, which makes it harder to feel like you know where you’re going. I haven’t been here in like….probably 10 years so everything’s changed a whole lot, except the lake, which probably/hopefully wont dramatically change (the shape/view I’m talking about) for a few millennia.
I started a new drug recently (or actually switched to a generic) and I feel super-dee-duper nauseous, but its not like a I-think-I-ate-some-spoiled-meat-and-may-have-food-poisoning nauseous, its more like a I-swallowed-toxic-chemicals-and-now-I-feel-sick kind of feeling. Which is more or less accurate, unfortunately. 

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  1. kristin oreilly
    May 7, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    Helloo Nicole and welcome back! Thank you for keeping us posted with all your coming’s and going’s. We definately miss your smiling face and beautiful music. We are all preparing for yet another spring music recital. The kids are starting to get restless as the nice weather peaks through.
    Sounds like you landed in a great place. Please say hello’s to your family and have a swim for me.
    hugs from Kristin

  2. Gail Visschedyk
    May 8, 2009 at 1:56 am

    Hi Nicole,
    Hadn’t read your blog in awhile. Great to catch up on what’s happening in your world. Welcome back to Canada. I had asked friends to pray for you and they asked me today how you were doing and I just had to know. Your blog is great. You are a born writer and oh did I tell you I am so impressed with your scrabble words.
    Lots of love to you and your mom and your aunt, uncle and cousin. It’s nice knowing you are so close.

  3. Lisa
    May 11, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    hey hey hey Nicole!
    haha, i think one of the 3 bites came from my brother’s dog! sorry about that btw! he’s much better now!
    its so good to read your stuff! btw, ya know how we have a grade presentation at the year! we are the only grade with a theme each year! this year its celebrity look-a-likes! and you are still going to be in the presentation! can’t wait, next year you’ll probs be here in person! YIPEE!!! and please tell people that Fyfe DOES look like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes! the blond hair and mischievious grin! i’m saying identical!

    anyway, you’re writing is very distinctive and i love it! its descrptive and tells it like it is! you always describe feelings, like pain or nausia, or happiness, etc!

    can’t wait to see ya again! xoxoxo

    ~ Lisa Pommelet


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