The Morning

At about 5 this morning, the fire alarm went off. I don’t know if I can stress enough just how loud the fire alarm here is!! It is so disorientating and loud that it isn’t recognizable as a ‘fire alarm’. Probably ‘air raid siren’, ‘tsunami red alert’ and ‘terrorist attack warning’ would come to mind before ever guessing that the blaring alarm was for a fire. The dead people in the cemetery five blocks away awoke from their eternal slumber, to be sure.

Apparently, a water pipe burst in another building and that is why the fire alarm in our building went off *raises eyebrows*. Highly suspicious. This has happened like 4 times in our building, in the early morning. Oh yes, what a hilarious prank, NOT!

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  1. Lisa
    February 5, 2009 at 4:21 am

    so what is it with u and fire alarms? i think they hate us! remember our incident in Seattle with fire alarms? yeah we’re not allowed back to that hotel! wow, jessica we’ll never let her forget it!
    just in case u don’t remember (although u probs do) jessica put a pop tart in the microwave in our hotel room in seattle. she put it in for way too long and she burned the microwave. next she tried to fan the fire alarm so it wouldn’t go off and set off the sprinkler system so that wouldn’t soak our stuff! then rachel threw the burning pop tart out the window and it landed right in front of where the chaperones were walking! but they didn’t see the smoking pop tart land at their feet! phew! but then jess took my pyjama pants and waved the smoke alarm so it wouldn’t be set off but she hit it off the ceiling!
    i counted how many crazy things we did in the first 24 hours we arrived at that hotel! i think it was like 5 or 6! including we locked ur shoe in the safe and had a hard time getting it back out, we locked ourselves in the stairwell then jess found she had the key in her pocket the whole time, we burned the microwave, we knocked the fire alarm off the ceiling, and i can’t remember the other stuff! but man it was crazy! ahhh… good times! 😛
    luv u!
    ~ Lisa


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