This Week

It hasn’t been a super fantastic last few days. I feel sympathetic towards zombies. My ear hurts like the dickens for some reason and I don’t know why. I feel like crawling under the covers and sleeping a century or two. It must be the effects of the antibiotic or something. I think I’m on some new pain killers which really make me ‘wonky’ as my bestest friendy Natalie’s mamma would say (she’s South African!). Unfortunately it doesn’t do much for the pain, which is a shame because if it’s gonna make me really zonked, it might as well help me! 

Today I had my dressing changed, which sound way duller than it actually is. It involves quite a bit really, including fascinating things like basically a bandaid with the sticky side made of super-glue, iodine that looks like blood and I get woozy every time I see it, the wondrous smell of rubbing alcohol, supersized gloves and masks. And you thought I was joking about how much fun it is! *rolls eyes*. We went to Costco too which is always so much fun, especially when we stop and look at the books and movies. I bought the ‘Beedle the Bard’ book by J.K. Rowling, because like seriously, I refuse to believe that the last Harry Potter book came out and am using this book to keep the dream alive. I also got a book called “The Book of General Ignorance” which is like de-bunking myths and fun facts and such…and it’s British!  I’m totally stoked to read them.
We’re having spaghetti for dinner, which is like the most exciting thing about today. Obviously! 

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