What A Wonderful World This Could Be

What did I do today? This question makes a drop of jealousy slide down into my stomach thinking about what you all did today. I get queasy and pissed off because of what I could have been doing today. Life is just so infinitely cool if you aren’t sick. I really want to get better NOW, rather than do all the annoying stuff to get better. I need ze quick fix!! 

Today, I didn’t want to get up. Which probably means I would have had a way better day if I didn’t. We went to Staples and bought pens but they didn’t have the right kind. Usual I’m not picky about this, but it takes so much effort to write and the Bic Velocity Gel’s just are easier to hold and write with and I have no idea why. But the one we got still write nice and feel okay. And then we went to Trader Joe’s and I waited in the car. Because buying pens exhausted me. And that is so lame, might I add. The parking lot smelled like cough syrup. Which is weird. 
We’re having scallops for dinner -my favorite- with pesto and bowtie pasta and portobellas! It snowed last night a few inches and just snowed a bit today. I’m so zonked I’d really like to sleep now but I can’t. 

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  1. natalie
    January 20, 2009 at 8:05 am

    Oh dear- a parking lot scented with cough syrup, lack of proper pens, and sleep apnea. I know what its like when those type of things can really bug you. I must admit though, maybe its a new phase contractors are going through- park-n-sniff. They may be making up new flavors… cherry, grape, who knows.
    At least you got to get out for a bit. It must be cold there right now. In our southern African hemisphere- its been raining and overcast a bit- like Alameda during winter- so its not that much of a difference- except when its really humid. Make a snowman for me when you can!!!
    I miss you tons and hope the quest for the pens is ensued. Nothing beats writing with your favorites. Lots of hugs,

  2. Adam
    January 21, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    I completely agree as far as pen preferences are concerned! Whenever work brings in a new box of the gel pens, I always squirrel a couple away. In my desk, not in my cheeks. Except that one time. Painful >.< .

    I have a favourite pencil, too, though I can’t seem to find anyone who’ll ship them here. I bought some when I was in San Francisco, but now I need new ones.


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