Beautiful Butchart

No matter how long you live in a place, doing ‘tourist’ things is always fun! Butchart Gardens is acres and acres of greenery pruned to perfection by the +100 gardeners. It used to be a private estate, and part of it was a quarry, but it was turned into the ‘Sunken Gardens’. Even though it is quite far away, busloads of tourist come to see this attraction. Its peaceful…flowers wherever you look, blooming wildly in the springtime.

The gardens are quite hilly, and mostly accessible, although some of the steep inclines could not be called ‘ramps’. I love taking pictures. I stop more often than we walk, spending time just to breathe in the perfume of thousands of blooms and the smell of dirt. Its wonderfully peaceful. When the roses are in full bloom, it is magical and smells like you walked into a perfume factory. Its insane.

Thanks to SIDES (distance education), I have a pass to go to Butchart, so I can go for an hour and then come back another day! Always nice…can’t wait to go again!

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