Get Lighted

A late-afternoon trip to the Butchart gardens today. We are certainly getting enough use out of those passes. Driving into the gardens, we watched happily as busloads of tourist started heading the other direction. As locals, we cheer the end of the season too, when the last cruise ship departs and the price of ice cream drops in the tourist district.

The light was just so- deepening the colors with moody undertones. Usually shooting in near half-light is bothersome, because pictures turn out under exposed, but I was lucky, and the last rays of the sun ended up casting an other-worldly glow through the thin petals, exposing the veins beautifully. Only a few people were left in the Rose Garden, which exposes some of the gardens less-noticed treasures; the sound of a light breeze through a tangle of leaves, a distant fountain, the restless shifting of unseen birds hidden amongst blossoms. I have trouble hearing sometimes, what with all the buzzing and white-noise filling my ears, so these are sounds are refreshingly tranquil. The sounds of flowers are soul cleansing, but sometimes I feel like there is a sound to sun-dappled flowers.

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  1. Rocky
    October 4, 2010 at 4:10 am

    Love your photos Nicole. The lighting and the composition are perfect.

    -the downstairs guy.


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