Happy Halloween!

Its never been my favorite holiday. Even as I child, I found it just so obscenely commercial and irksome. I don’t need the end of October to dress up in funny clothes and eat candy, thank you very much; I do that just fine often enough as it is!

 My mum went to visit a fellow Lymie, David, in Toronto today, and I was going to go with her, but I couldn’t get into his house. Gramma is looking after me now. We are staying at her house, in a town outside of Toronto; there are stair lifts now so i can get up to the second floor, and the bathroom! We took out old albums of when Gramma and Grampa were my age, which was really cool to see. They were high-school sweethearts and had been in the same class since grade 9, and started falling in love around grade 11. There are some adorable pictures of them, arm and arm, and goofing off places. It is strange, looking at them so young, I find that I look very much like my grandfather, and that my mum and aunt look so much like Gramma. It is harder to see now that they are older. Looking at them when they were my age, I can imagine that we all might have got along very well  haa haa haa.

I’ve started knitting some truly vintage gloves. The wool is from the 60’s, according to Gramma, and is a pink mohair/wool/acrylic blend, and the pattern looks very weathered. Judging from the illustration on the front and the kind of paper it is made from, I’d say it was older!

I am sick, with a cold, and with an increase in my Lyme symptoms. When I close my eyes, I think that my joints must be swollen double the size, judging from how they throb, but I am surprised to see that they look perfectly normal. That is the curse of Lyme- no physical symptoms. Nothing they can measure with either stick or machine. 

I feel like a jack-o-lanter; all lit up with a smile but with no insides, hollowed out.

Apparently it is Halloween, and I have chosen a unique costume. I’m a Teenager, dressed in the typical knit sweater, t-shirt, and yoga pants that is so common for youth of the ’10’s. Down to the deep rose nail polish I have the right look.
                  I’d like to fit the part.

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