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Today we went to VGH (Victoria General Hospital) to be a guinea pig for the med students working at the Island Medical Program. It was pretty cool, actually. I mean, if there was no exam part necessary I could have enjoyed it a lot more, but…

There are only three medical students to a “guinea pig” – yah, thats how small our med program is! A grad class could be under 30 people! We went through history (when did you get sick, progression of symptoms…yadayadayada) with a special focus of ‘mental  status’. I feel a little crazy just saying those words! They asked a bunch of weird questions, to test different parts of my memory. It was alright, only I felt a little stupid when I couldn’t answer the questions. They also did a physical exam on me, which was, like, my leastest favorite thing ever.

I’m not sure if you have ever had a med student examining you, but let me tell you, count your lucky stars if you don’t get one who is vicious with the hammer. I had this one med student who took the words ‘hammer’ a little too seriously for a round rubber-edged disc on a bendy stick, and proceeded to use it as such.

But not today. Today they were all pretty decent with a hammer, and relatively good aim (ha). No bruises at any rate, so job well done! They also test muscle tone and the “poky-vs-soft” test (no idea what its called…but you get the idea). Anyways, I am so unbelievable zonked after that. I’m ready to hibernate!

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