The Lake!

Mum and I went down to Elk lake today, after not being able to get into Butchart Gardens with our pass because of the FireWorks day. I didn’t know whether Elk lake’s path was accessible, but we found out it was. There is a narrow path from the parking lot all the way down to the sandy beach! In a small protected “mini-cove” beside the beach, I watched the baby duckies dig around in the weeds, looking for some lunch. The light was just so beautiful. It always makes me feel a little brighter being able to see the water.

We sat up on a little ridge, overlooking the lake, shaded beneath some pines. It was quite breezy, but we carry a considerable amount of outerwear in the car for the ever-changing Victoria weather.

I had my copy of “Harry Potter y la piedra filosfal”, (HP 1) which I read out loud for fun. I wrote down a few of the words I wasn’t sure about; cuchicheaban, trastoraba, tambaleaba. The words feel nice when you say them, but I only guessed at their meaning. I had to look them up when I got home.

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