The Setting Rays of the Sun

I can no longer trick myself into believing it is late fall; it definitely is starting to look like winter, the sun setting at around quarter-to-five. It makes the nights seem infinitely long, when I wake up to another gloomy, overcast afternoon, and see only a few hours of weak sunshine.The brilliant-sticky-cerulean-sky summer days, falling leaves, the neutral winter palette; the seasons change subtly here. One day you look outside and realize that the Earth has been rotating all this time and you never felt a shift beneath your feet. The shift is plainly visible in the vegetation and temperature.

I had such a wonderful time today with my dear friends’ Laura (same names!). We went to a new gluten-free (and a few vegan things) bakery called Origin’s. Most bakery’s that have token vegan options involve the “chocolate brownie/cake” in some form. I have developed a new appreciation for this delicacy, and had an amazing gluten-free vegan chocolate cupcake which was super yummy. We sat and giggled (we do a lot of that…) and swapped stories and news. There is nothing that wonderful friends can do for sick people…a miracle for sure. My ribs ache like I have been pummeled in the kidneys and sliced open between the ribs…I throb as though real blood were leaking from a wound. I can point to the spot with my finger. Agony. Its amazing what a little babesia will do for you…small, unobtrusive, then WHAM.

Had my needle expertly changed today. It pinches when I wiggle my shoulders…it feels like hands have been in my chest when I tighten the surrounding muscles, usually as a result of the pain elsewhere. Its a bad circle of events. I can’t quite shake the smell of chlorhexadine wipes from my blouse, nor the tang of nitrile gloves.

Picture this…

Speaking of gloves, I knit a pretty blue ambidextrous pair, and am currently working on a hat. I feel very professional with my four needles zipping around in a calm motion. I think my Gramma would be proud–> I learned from the best.

…All together now!

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  1. daisysmum
    December 30, 2010 at 5:28 am

    Hi Nicole!

    Oh I just hate to hear that you are still in that much pain – I always pray for you and then I also just plain wish that nonsense away from your body. How truly awful, if not just bloody ridiculous, I wish there were a complaint department for ‘life’…
    I love your knitting though! Such talent – I have never had that talent, so I rely on the knitting of others (christmas craft fair is my friend).
    I’ve also fallen wayyyy behind on your posts, so did some catching up there, you look beautiful and you are right it is hard to believe what is going on beneath your skin. I wish I could wish this away for you, and I often drive by your old house and recall with disbelief all that has occured since those days we first met you , walking our dogs.
    One of the reasons I have fallen behind is the birth of Violet , Molly & Daisy’s new sister. Not so much because I am too busy but because I am not at work or on the computer much – so far too much time went by. I am sorry for that Nicole, but every day I think of you – every single day I think about you and your mom. Send her a hug for me, and I hope we can get in that elusive visit soon.
    I do a lot of reading on my iphone with one hand (other hand cradles baby who is being loved to the point of never being put down – which means I have one hand). Are you on facebook ever? I do a lot of facebooking with my one-handed iphoning! but I don’t get to writing long messages/or emails much because of my one arm .
    But anyway, the baby is waking and so I must put down my computer for a while again.
    give yourself a gentle hug for me – and soon we will invite ourselves over, at which point we will require some lovely vegan baking!!

    Love Emma and the rest of the Irwins


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