What a Ride.

There is no Junior prom at GNS, only the ‘big one’; the Senior Prom. The place big enough to hold all of the grads and their family members is at the Victoria Conference Centre, behind the Empress. Most school hold their big dinner/dance there, and it is quite the affair!

If you walk around campus, you can see many Prom class pictures, noting the change in years by the clothing, hair styles, and black or white pictures. Its fun to have a good laugh at the puffy dresses, the strangely cut tuxes, the coiffed hair and grainy pictures of the ages.The more recent ones are up in the Goodwill Building hallway, outside of the gym, where many have their lockers.

The photograph is traditionally taken on the steps of the building. The same man, who has taken our group and some portrait school pictures since I was in grade 5, snapped the shots from a ladder. Our graduating class is the biggest in the schools history; about 90 people. Everyone graduated, all dressed up, arm and arm, the coordinated, matching flowers…I realized that this was it. The big one. The culmination and celebration of the end. The last thing of high school. Everyone looked beautiful. I’ve never seen so many of the guys with their shirts tucked in. It was rather shocking…it only took them a few years to get the hang of it I suppose. Haa.

The hall where we ate was up stairs, or, for me, up in a glass elevator, was fancy. About two families per table. Some of the girls had trouble sitting down, what with all the tulle and crinolines billowing crinkly under their gowns. The dresses took up a serious amount of room, anyways. I sat at a table with my family, and the Life’s and Pommelet’s; two of my great friends, Chris and Lisa. It was so much fun! After dinner were the deputy Head Boy and Girl speeches. It was hard hearing the end of so many years together summed up so warmly. Yup, the ending is tough.

There was a giant dance floor, and the Timebenders, who’ve been playing at our proms for a decade (I think…?), brought the house down with so many different genres of music that they’d be hard to classify, but they call themselves retro dance. It was fun and probably the least awkward GNS dance I have ever attended! I ‘danced’, sort of, or more specifically was on the dance floor, which counts; it was more of a mental grooving than doing the cha-cha or joining the conga line. I could be spun around though, and watch people dance and take lots pictures.

I didn’t go the aftergrad. I figured after 5 hours at the dinner I had more than expended all of my energy reserves. The dinner/dance went from 18.
00-24.00, and the after grad, 24.00 – 6.00. A pretty insane party. An amazingly wild ride. Thank you, my 2010-ies. Love you guys!!

Woah, hey?~

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  1. Rocky
    August 22, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    Congratulations Nicole!

    Your graduation experience sounds wonderful and the photos -and yourself- look lovely.

    All the best as you transition into the next phase of your life.
    (the downstairs guy)


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