Across the Strait of Georgia

A trip on BC Ferries is always a pleasant one. When I first came to the island, and across the Strait of Georgia, I spent the hour and a half ride with my nose pressed to the glass, taking in every new island’s pristine greenery, as we traveled from inlet to inlet. It is an amazing introduction to the Island. Small homes, rocky beaches, and lighthouses dot the otherwise forested islands. The deep green color is there all year round, blending evenly with the smog-free blue sky above, down to the crystalline gray-blue water, waiting at the bottom of the cliff. I’ve been on this trip many, many times since we moved here, and I am still gripped with a fascination, and an urge to take pictures through the salt-spray coated windows each time.

We were headed to Vancouver, to have an MRI and ultrasound, checking to see if I am a candidate for a procedure called CCSVI, which was developed for MS patients by an Italian doctor, Dr. Zamboni. They are looking for blocked veins in your neck, which could cause a vast varied of problems. Thankfully, I don’t have MS, but several Lyme patients have found this therapy very beneficial for them, which makes sense, as Lyme disease and MS mimic each other. It would be nice if this solved a lot of my problems…

 I am really exhausted after all the traveling we did today, and am glad the place we are staying at is so nice. It’s on the campus of UBC, close enough to the downtown core that it’s not a lot of work to pick up a vegan cupcake from Whole Foods.

Boat headed to one of the islands…

It’s Mother’s day today, and of course we spent a lot of time today on the ferry, which we can pretend was a pleasure cruise ahaha. Every day is mother’s day, though, in the real world. Mother’s are the best, everyone knows that, and I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I have the best mom every :D. I guess one good thing about me being so sick is that we get to spend lots of time together.
(Love you, Mama! <3)

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  1. daisysmum
    May 25, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    Hi Nicole,

    I hope your trip goes well, and that this treatment is available to you! yes you have the BEST mom, she loves you fiercely – and despite all the badness, I am glad you have had her steady love beside you.
    Thank you for the puzzles, dropped off for the girls via auntie. they are very special, and the girls know that – huge hit, my girls love puzzles.

    I hope we can come together again soon. I know our driveway sucks for wheel chairs but if you are ever looking to ‘get away’. we turned our garage into a room with a futon, tv books etc – and you guys can easily come and stay . Even if you aren’t feeling well you can look out our window, talk to the dog, catch up on reading. Sometimes a change is a nice thing, just know that there is a space for you here – and of course selfishly we would love to see you 🙂
    BUT! onward, and upward we are thinking of you always – wishing you wellness and proper care, caring people, compassionate smart medical care and the knowledge that very many people care about you.

    xx emma(and co)


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