Bubble Tea Bday

We met at the best bubble tea shop in Victoria, The Dragon, in China town, celebrating my friend Sarah’s birthday! The ‘bubbles’ can be best described as the texture of gummy bears, which look like fish eggs and taste like sweet rice pudding. Its certainly an ‘acquired’ taste, something you either love or hate. Luckily most of my friends love the fruity teas, so we meet here often in the sunny weather.

Just about everyone is home for the summer now, so it was nice to see all the people I hadn’t seen in a long time. Most of my friends have been in school abroad, others globe-trotting, full of stories of their adventures. We sat cramped around a table, conversations looping across and over each other, in our scramble to hear what everyone has been up to.  Its a comforting chaos, the sort of thing that happens whenever we get together, even when we were in middle school.

I felt quite exhausted after just an hour of talking, and the girls were heading up to the mall a few blocks away, so I left early. Every little thing seems to take so much energy out of me. Soon I’ll be back on the IV meds…which will hopefully pull me up out of this downward spiral. We leave in a few days for Southern California to see the doctors there. Although the though of traveling makes me ill with fatigue I know it will be best in the long run.

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