Friends of the Library

I think I will be reading from today til the end of the world in 2012.

We went to the “Friend of the Library Book Sale” today, the first time I have been well enough to leave the house for a few days. We arrived to sort through the remaining books of the sale, during the last 30 minutes. Basically, you pay $5.00 for as many books as you can carry, and we managed 21 books. That’s an average of something like $.24 a book. Crazy, right? We got some wonderful old books, including a book of Spanish American poetry from the 30’s (bilingual), a book on war tactics, botany of the Pacific Northwest, history of print making through the middle ages, “Strange Fruit” (the history of the Billie Holiday song), 2666 by Robert Bolaño and many others. It is an excellent start to my own library…and these already have authentic bar codes and decimal numbers!

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