Last Visits!

miles of bougainvillea along the main road
highway by the beach

Today was very busy! We drove into Newport Beach to have my dressing changed, which didn’t go to badly. It feels nice afterwards to have a clean dressing, although it stings while it’s being vigorously cleaned with alcohol. Yesterday the lovely Nurse Francis put the line in in one of the consult rooms…just her by herself in about 15 minutes. Then I was whisked off downstairs to make sure that the line was put in the right place (in my chest), which is was, and then I was free to go! That’s the way it should be done! It really is just a glorified IV line, so having lots of people there while it’s put in now seems silly. I’m glad she is so good at her job! My arm is very grateful!

Just saying, my new purple nail polish from WF’s look awesome with the PICC line cover! Now that is coordinated, don’t you think? 

Later this afternoon, Roy came down by train from LA, and we headed to the beach! There were clouds in the sky…probably a first since we’ve been here. It helps to cut some of the glare though, which is nice. My arm was only hurting a very little bit, probably thanks to the strong pain meds I was already on (fentanyl patch). I could enjoy myself on the beach without having to act like I was fine. I feel so strong and have so much energy after the Liberation therapy. Maybe it helps that I am in such a beautiful place…no gray days to bring down my mood 🙂



We’re leaving in a few days to go home, so I’m so happy to have got to see Roy before then! It is so complicated for him to travel up here, and who knows when that will happen! We went out for Italian food which was super tasty (just my luck they had one GF vegan dish in the whole place…and it was delicious!). All in all, it turned out to be a much better afternoon than morning, obviously.

As excited as I am to be going home in a few days, I will miss the sand between my toes, and seeing friends. Who knows…there just might be a heatwave in Victoria to welcome us home!

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