Post-Procedural Knitting :P

Well, I feel A LOT better today, or more specifically, I don’t feel as horrible as I thought. My arm doesn’t (hardly) hurt at all -yay!- and I feel undeniably good, although I can’t say exactly what that ‘goodness’ is, only that it is a new kind of feeling for me. I can get USED to this :P.

I had the idea of making stylish PICC line covers. Burn gauze is u-g-l-y, no matter how well it does the job. Of course, I did want to visit a yarn shop anyways, so going to ‘Strands’ today was perfect. It was kind of hard for me to pick up and examine all the colors with just one hand (i know!! 2 hands are better for stroking zee soft yarns!), and I might have used my sore arm a bit more than I meant to.

Browsing through the rainbow

I found the most dizzying array of colors, and a cotton/elastic yarn perfect for making bands that stay up. Its an aquamarine-green color that reminds me of Saturna Island’s legendary bottle-green coves. I also fell head-over-heels in love with this blueberry-frozen-yogurt colored yarn, made from sugar fibers (the plant!). It was silky soft, but cool to wear like cotton. Perfect yarn for a tank-top! The lovely lady who owned and worked in the shop put the skeins onto the swift (kind of a cross between an umbrella and a clothes line, for holding yarn) and then using a baller put it into a nice squarish ball for me, easier to knit with. Have to wait til I get home tho, for needles in a lacy size.


Driving along the water to the mission town where the yarn shop was, we saw the most beautiful and uncrowded beach next to the train tracks. Of course, being so close to the road, we thought the car noise would be way too loud for us to suntan (I was tanning) on the beach. But the proximity to the loud waves meant that the sound was drowning out, or complemented, the waves crashing against the rocks. The ‘SHHHHEEEE OUSH‘ sound of the water pulling rocks back towards the sea, like a greedy monster, is such a tranquil noise. Its like the sea and rocks are in deep conversation. It is enough just to sit on the warm sand in the late afternoon, although yesterday I wouldn’t have said no if we could have figured out a way to get me closer to the ocean.

so close to the waves…

Willows’, My favorite beach in Victoria (and the largest patch of sand for miles around) looks quite minuscule next to the thousand miles of coast line. I know not all of it is white sand, but usually there is a patch of pristine, if populated, beach between high cliffs and rocky shores. I do miss Victoria very much, even though this sunshine makes a very welcome change from cool cloudy days of summer at home. It is exhausting to lie in the sun, the rays beating the energy from me, but I love the feeling of the warmth on me. Its very peaceful while I am sitting with my toes in the sand…its only later that I feel like the strength has been sucked from me. It would be difficult living here all the time (not that I want to). I miss home, and my friends.


Because the clinic is closed on the weekend, I couldn’t have my fresh PICC line dressing changed. It should be changed the day after, but now it’s not going to happen til Monday. There is a little blood, which I am worried about. Can’t wait for it to be made all sterile and white again.

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