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absorbing rays

Although my arm has still been giving us some trouble, we have been to the beach almost every day.  Doheny Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. Sand oozes serenity. I am starting to get a tan (but its mostly on my right arm, because of the direction of the sun while I’m sitting facing the waves). There is a real community feel by the seaside. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be growing up in a place where the beach was your playground? Oh wait, I kind of did. But the beach in Alameda wasn’t nearly as clean, the water scummy. There is very little seaweed on these beaches, which is nice for the abundant swimmers. In a rhythm as predictable as the waves, children and adults alike scream as the waves crash over them lightly, not strong enough to sweep anyone out. The sea is a puppy, playfully biting at the heels of laughing people.

castles abandoned to the siege of the tide

I want to be out there, splashing in the waves, but its just out of reach. It’s too far for me to walk, especially because the sand hampers my movements. Many beaches have beach-wheelchairs, but this one isn’t one of them. 

strollers, with surfing paraphernalia

People walk around town shirtless and shoeless, and its clear from everyones lack of reaction that its no big deal. People who have clearly just come up from the beach, like girls in sandy skimpy bikini explore the shops casually.

Surfing made its debut on these shores. On this very beach, actually. Building a breakwater and a harbour put an end to these activities, but further up the coast, people still surf on gentle waves. Nothing hard-core or too dangerous, although I can see plenty of rocks just below the surface. It looks like there might be a reef out there, a little ways out, where the water changes abruptly from a bottle green to deep blue.

 My legs are getting stronger, on the plus side. The Liberation treatment (CCSVI) has returned feeling to my legs, something I didn’t realize I was lacking. The problem with my PICC line leaking all sorts of fluid (leading to frequent dressing changes, which means its exposed to more germs, which could lead to infection) is caused from having both the CCSVI procedure and the PICC line put in through the same hole. You need a larger hole to do the angioplasty needed for the Liberation treatment. The doctors were nicely trying to save me another incision – the procedure is usually done through an incision in the groin. Another complicating factor is that I have to be on 2 weeks of blood thinners, to prevent my recently unblocked veins from become blocked again. The PICC line has to come out…shortest time for having an IV device ever; 1 week. Lame! At least when I get another one put in, I can have it put in my Left arm. We have to stay longer, to wait until I am off blood thinners so I can have the line put in without it having complications. So our stay in paradise has been extended.

It could be worse: we are near the beach!

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