Rolling on the Edge

whale swimming in concrete

In a seaside town, you are never too far from a dreamy vista. Tranquility is a short walk away. The coastline of the Laguna beach area is dotted with rocks, which appear small and insignificant, perched as we were on the top of the cliff. The sky was a perfect baby blue, with low white cloud cover hovering near the horizon. Perhaps it is raining far out to sea? The path we chose was relatively flat and well-paved, a smooth ride.

“between the devil and the deep blue sea”

The waves roll to the beach in gentle swells, leaving a peaceful cove for the paddle borders to drift. The warmth increases an overwhelming feeling of vacation laziness exponentially.

brilliant status flowers compliment the sea tones

I could seriously get used to all this warmth and overdosing of vitamin D. No wonder the government made the (misguided) decision to put vitamin D in our milk! Coming from the cloudy summer days of Victoria to this weather, I can see that we were seriously lacking the power of the sun up north!

seashore gals!

We haven’t been doing very many touristy things beyond visiting the various beaches, and Whole Foods. I was shocked to see their abundant vegan ice cream section. It wasn’t a dark corner with a few small pints. This was 3 full shelves of flavors and styles I hadn’t even heard of or dreamed of. My immediate reaction was one of surprise and excitement, but after looking a little while longer, it seemed extremely obscene. Do we really need this much selection, that much choice? I miss Planet Organic, where you can hear people talking at the bath and body section in the bulk foods area (or in other words, across the store). Bigger isn’t better, I guess is what I’m thinking.

I miss home very much now. Although the air by the water smells fresh, I know its polluted, and I have to wash off the dirt of city-life each night. 

terraced cliff leading to the beach

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