The ‘surprise’ party is always the best kind, and its so much fun for the planners. It was one of my best friends’- Lisa- birthday. I invited her out for a Mexican lunch, and then got a group of our friends together. She was very surprised; a job well done.

There aren’t many Mexican restaurants in Victoria, maybe only a handful. None of them are super fantastic, and many serve ‘western’ food too, which I always think it weird. Maybe I just got spoiled growing up in California, where a brilliant burrito is like a Starbucks; always across the street.

I hadn’t seen a few of my friends for a really long time. What with school and music and work, its been a crazy last few months, but now that exams are over for most of my friends, we can relax again.

In other news, I finished knitting another cupcake today. I gave Lisa one for her birthday, and was inspired to bake/make more…more…lots more :). They are so adorable, and I was thinking of selling them on Etsy. They’d be a cute Birthday gift for someone, somewhere, and people are willing to pay a fortune for anything handmade. There are so many different kinds of toppings and icing combination. Just experimenting with sequins now :).

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