Walk Long Road

tide rolling on the rocks @ Doheny Beach

We moved a few days ago into another condo in the complex where we were first staying, and this time much closer to the water. I can actually see the ocean! It’s very peaceful.

Brilliantly sunny and warm, blue sky overhead at the beach today. The sun and the water met almost seamlessly at the horizon. It’s very nice not to have my the PICC line in for tanning reasons :P. No more funny lines from the armbands or dressings. I could seriously get used to living here, and coming to the beach every day. I suppose it wasn’t all a bad thing that we have to stay 4 times longer than we intended. It’s like a vacation.

sunning in comfort
I walked from the edge of the picture to the lifeguard post
I feel pretty good today. And strong…being able to feel my legs makes it so much easier to walk, because I know what they are doing! I walked out very far on the beach, in search of the perfect patch of sand to plop down on. My secret goal was the waterline, but I couldn’t make it that far. What I wouldn’t give to put my toes in the water and splash around! Mum and Nancy both say the water is warm, enjoyable, and not too seaweed-y. I am doubtful that I would classify the water as warm, but this is a lot further south than the beaches I remember from living in San Francisco. Who knows! And I guess I won’t be finding out anytime soon. Sigh. I wanted to so badly.

healthy pink toes!

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