Sunshine in the Forecast?

I love Lyme Disease for the little things: you can start a blog post on February 15, and come back to it again more than a week later to find that absolutely everything you wrote about your symptoms has changed so dramatically that you words seem comical in hindsight. The below paragraphs give you an idea of my thoughts of last week… 

If you live in Victoria, I’m actually Joking, with a Capital ‘J’. More torrential showers and driving winds to look forward to. Yay.

But I’m feeling a bit better. Oh dare I say it? I don’t want to tempt the Organ Gods. Because right now my pancreas is feeling pretty chill (And I just ate some almond butter. That’s right. take that, Pancreas.), I’m hoping I won’t have any more kidney-stone showers (play nice now you two), and my stomach doesn’t feel like there’s a hole being burnt in it and no weird heart-burn. 🙂 My hair might still be falling out, and I’m not sleeping BUT. I mean, I’m practically ready to TGIF with a margarita & a voluntary all-night-er (ah…insomnia jokes. never gets old).”

Well my squishy bit’s are okay, but this week it’s been all about infections. Oh boy! No complaints from the abdominal cheap-seats. But the white blood cells are in the top box and enjoying the glory of their multitude. Whiskey tango foxtrot?! Well when my arm started really hurting and green goo began leaking from the site of my PICC line, one supposes an infection brew-eth. The 3 witches from ‘Macbeth’ have nothing on that gunk…I mean a fillet of a fenny snake? eye of newt? toe of frog?… come ON. So last millennia. All I’m saying is Crayola won’t be interested in those colour names. (But if I could just think of the perfect shade for this green goo – it’s certainly an original shade & unique origin – I’d be hired!)

It’s been awhile since my immune system put up a good fight in any sense of the words. My white and sometimes red blood cells & neutrophils are most often low. But since they’re hovering at the high range of normal, in my body that indicates that they’re jedi-fighting off an infection. Boo-ya! The immune system is just way too much fun to personify. I’m feeling crappy, and a little fever-y and shake-y and ache-y, but it’s not catching. 

I think I am getting a sore throat though. Or it’s my picc line poking in my chest. I guess we’ll see. I have been making some amazing raw truffles packed with protein and *almost* sugar free. I’m working on crafting a perfect recipe, so stay tuned ;). 

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  1. Brian White
    March 6, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Hi, Nicole, first of all, I am very sorry to hear about your troubles. My wife has a strange illness, and she never got a real diagnosis. It is like MS or Lyme. She had great results from balloon angioplasty. Brain fog went, as did balance problems and various other things. A lady with Lyme called Lottie Vigue also had Lyme and got this treatment and it helped her get her life back. The doctor treats your “autonomic dysfunction” which is part of what lyme causes to happen in your body. Some people have autonomic dysfunction and some don’t. The doctor can give you a pretty simple heart test and that will tell if you have autonomic dysfunction. The angioplasty is very likely (90% likely) to give you benefit if you have autonomic dysfunction. Once you autonomic system is back up and running, you have a far better chance to fight the disease. I can give you more info if you are interested. My wife’s before and after is on the net. There is stuff about miss Vigue somewhere too. Thanks Brian White Victoria

    • Nicole Bottles
      March 11, 2014 at 12:35 am

      hi brain,
      thank you so much for your sweet note. i DID have CCSVI and the results were pretty awesome…i regained feeling back in my legs and no longer had trouble breathing when lying down, and i think it might have helped my fainting spells (and other autonomic nervous system problems. that’s a crazy host of problems). i wrote about it back in july of 2011:
      i had pretty severe autonomic nervous system problems (like passing out 100 times a day, fainting from pain pretty regularly, blood pressure drops…classic POTS stuff too i guess). i’d love to connect with you brian…especially if you’re in victoria too!

  2. Anonymous
    March 6, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    Hi Brian, I’ll let Nicole confirm it but I believe she already had CCSVI done a while ago and possibly a TTT for Autonomic Dysfunction. Nicole,glad to know you’re feeling better, you are involved I so many activities for someone so sick! Rock on!

    • Nicole Bottles
      March 11, 2014 at 12:39 am

      hiii! yes i have had CCSVI, but thankfully never at TTT, although it was threatened a number of years ago. that sounded like a nightmare. if i fainted just standing from a seated position, i couldn’t imagine how awful doing a headstand would be. it’s good to keep the mind busy, even when the body is feeling crappier. some days for me that’s just knitting or playing a piano, but gosh, seems i’m really REALLY busy these days. too busy to be sick almost ;).


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