Body.Mind.Lyme Blog Interview!

I had the pleasure of connecting with Kerry, another young Lyme disease warrior early last week. She seems like such a sweetheart who has been through so much <3. Kerry’s not only on a journey to wellness, exploring alternative treatments and therapies, but a spiritual journey too.

Her story probably sounds familiar to a lot of you…tick bites in early childhood, later being diagnosed with autoimmune illnesses, generally feeling unwell until finally getting a Lyme disease diagnosis. In her words;

“Lyme disease has driven me to want to see and experience the world. My wake up call to always be wide awake.”

Pretty inspiring stuff, n’est pas?

You can read my interview on her blog, Body.Mind.Lyme here!

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  1. Kerry
    March 25, 2016 at 6:36 am

    Thank you so much for posting this, Nicole! I’m hoping to spread the word and inspire one story at a time. I find I am drawn to the Lyme blogs where you feel like you know the person without ever meeting them, which I feel you do here. I want to do the same on my blog, while also connecting people to others with a similar message.

    You and your journey have been in my thoughts and I wish you peace!


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