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Sleepy City

I am quite frankly zonked out the shizz right now. I had to get up at the un-Godly hour of 8 *gasp* to go to a doctors appointment (you guessed it!). It was rather important as these things tend to be so…what can you do, hey?

Not sure how the apointment went to be honest. I’m doing a smidgen better, according to everybody else, but I can’t see that at all. I almost pisses me off in a weird way that I can’t really justify. I mean, I feel so sick and the things that really matter to me (ie: pain, memory loss, walking etc.) have worsened rather than gone the other way. But I guess I’m just more chipper or something. But anyways…I’m getting blood work on Monday, to check the ‘levels’, joy of all joy’s!

I am off da meds! WoO! Haha! Gotcha there didn’t I? It’s just for a few days to ‘monitor some levels’ or something interesting like that. I miss having the IV everyday! HAHA just kidding. But it does seem a shame to have this lurvly PICC line in and no med’s for it. I also don’t take the other little red pill that I was on which I can’t remember the name of right now. You’ll have to forgive me, but I’ve been mighty forgetful of late.
In the afternoon (EARLY afternoon I might add, cause I was AWAKE….EW!) it started snoowing!! Woo! I am no longer jealous of Victoria and their snow. It is kinda annoying though. And it’s STILL snowing if you can believe it! We must have at least 4 inches! Wow. Craazy. I mean it’s not as much fun cause Amy, Erica and Fiona aren’t here to toboggan with me. I miss everyone so much!
I’m sorry I haven’t been writing very much. I just am so tired and my fingers are so swollen that it makes typing very tedious and discouraging and exhausting. I’m gonna work at it. Promise!
I can hear the snow plows and they sound like little jets. So foreign too!
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