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Dream a Little Dream of Hope

I knew as soon as I posted about my icky abdomen year that things would start to look up. You know that feeling? When you are struggling with a task and then open your mouth to ask for a hand, and then all of a sudden you solve it? Beautiful, isn’t it? This is a new year, a clean slate, a season of healing. And I hope it is beginning for all of you.

There have been a lot of positive changes for my tummy, thanks to a lot of new factors:

1. Magnesium oxide. Pretty sure this is code for ‘nature’s-feel-good happy-calming’ drug. Seriously. Magnesium is amazing. This kind of magnesium particularly targets the digestive tract to fight the babesia hanging out there.

2. Aloe Vera Gel. Does it taste like Shrek snot? Absolutely. Does it help your tummy? You bet. Pinch your nose, eat something yummy afterwards and trust me it will be worth it. Coats your stomach, which is great for when you have to take all sorts of nasty pills which hurt your stomach lining (or have an ulcer, like me).

3. Nucca chiropractic. Essentially, it’s the realigning of the atlas (near the top of spine in your neck), which if out of alignment, makes the ‘signals’ coming down from your not as clear to the body. A nerve problem could have been causing my Gut Palsy, so hope it continues to help! After the first treatment, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and the energy/chi/life force/energy pathways on my left side, which had been blocked for so long, were balanced (yay!).

4. Soup diet. Just for a few days. I don’t like to think it helped, but who knows. Mum’s have this pesky habit of being right ;).

Tasting is believing.

So all told, my tummy (and the body connected to it!) is feeling much better. Still a bit uncomfy, but it’s feeling well enough to eat cookies :). I made the best cookies in the whole world from “Real Sustenance” blog. They are made entirely from nut/seed flour, and a sugar-free, soy-free, and wheat/gluten-free anddddd vegan. I know. Sounds like it might be free of yumminess too, but let me assure you that is not so. I used walnut flour, which I made myself in a food processor, soy-free margarine (but will use less next time. walnuts are oily!), coconut palm sugar, almond milk, and Enjoy Life Allergen-Free chocolate chips. Flat, crispy little golden-brown cookies is the result. Perfection! Can’t wait to bake some more :D.

I wanted to share with you a collage I’ve just finished creating. It went together so quickly. Sometimes I have a very strong vision when I begin a collage, and I find all the images I want quickly, and they all fit together in a beautiful way. And sometimes I can’t find the images or words that I’d like, and have to go about re-envisioning my collage. I wanted to create a rainbow, dream-inspired collage, as a gift to Help Fill A Dream Foundation for all their amazing support and love over the past 4 years. I hope it will inspire whoever comes to their office to open their hearts, and to dream of hope. <3 br="br">

Mixed Media Collage: magazines, calendars, 1888 Encyclopedia Britanica

The Writing Bug

Today turned out to be quite busy…but surprisingly very little was done. In the early afternoon, mum and I went to Butchart Gardens for a little bit, took a few snaps. It was brilliantly sunny out, and the suns rays tickled my face, and it felt so clean and peaceful. I see so little of it that it was a real treat. Simple pleasures are always the bestest, and most beloved.

Our schools seasonal magazine “Traditions” has asked me to do a small piece about my time at GNS, which is seriously awesome. I am very stoked…I love my school so much, and I’m very excited to share. I have just been trying to coordinate the details of the article and desperately trimming of the excess words to fit within the word-count! I just finished them today…phew! I just found out it was due so soon less than a week ago, so I have been scrambling, not like I found the subject difficult or anything. When the issue is published, I’ll post a link to it here :D.

Still in its batter-y stage. Still delicious.

Yesterday, Mum made the most perfect vegan/gluten-free/sugar-free chocolate-chip banana bread, a recipe from the Babycakes NYC cookbook. It turned out so fantastically. An instant classic. It calls for 6 bananas in the recipe, because they are used as an egg substitute too, so that leads to an intense banana flavor. Wowzer.

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