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BL and AL

I’ve been busy working on school work (oh…I’m not joking!!). I signed up for Spanish SIDES (South Island Distance Education System) and am working away here. Its really hard to work, to think, to remember long enough to write sentences, let alone in another language. I loved Spanish before and was quite good at it before I got sick.

I hate saying that- ‘before I got sick’. Its like my life was cut into two periods BL and AL (before and after Lyme) and life BL was definitely greener! I worry sometimes that I won’t be able to do the things I wanted to. Almost overnight I wanted to become a doctor, and just as soon as I realized what I wanted to be, realized that I probably won’t be able to now, which kind of sucks but there is so much time to figure things out right?

It is so cold 10( 40ish C). I’m freezing and drinking some mint tea! Kinda tired today, didn’t sleep well (no shit!).

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