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Amy, Rachel and I went of for coffee (well, tea really) the other day. It was so much fun! We went to Nata’s Cafe in the rip-roaring busy town of Peterborough (lol) and we had pie and cake slices with our chai latees (for them) and a smoothie for me. It was yummy. And we just talked and hung out. Rachel’s real nice…I met her when I was last here…like 10 years ago! Very cool. Hope we can do that again!

Today I had blood tests (ow, no fun!) and then we went out to a Noodle Box-esque place and I had pad thai and a summer roll and it was pretty good! I had to fast for the blood work so it was a much¬†appreciated¬†meal. We stopped at the health food store (oh Amy’s fav place haaa) and looked at all the fun (and super-healthy) stuff, and got some essentials such as chocolate, cheese and ice cream! Very fun. Went to the library too and picked up some movies and CD’s.
Its so sunny out, and like 21 C (70 F) degrees out! Lovely. But a little windy!
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