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Piano Recital

I am so proud of my piano students!! I have always been so lucky…having students who not only love the piano and music, but as a side-affect of that love, practice! Playing because you want to and need too, versus because you should or your teachers insists that you do, means that you play the pieces with such lightness and happiness. There is nothing more soul-crushing than being tied to a piano for your strict practice time. I have seen it turn talented, but pushed friends over-board, to the point they don’t want to play and quit. This always makes me so sad and has also made me vow that I will never ever do that to a student of mine!

I know that I have the most wonderful, caring, energetic and dedicated piano teacher, Kristin, who is always there with a thoughtful suggestion and feedback. Kristin had her Holiday piano recital tonight, which is always so much fun and puts me in a cheery mood. I really need it too. I have been feeling so awful…my ribs are constricting my lungs in a white-hot embrace that makes me wish I had no need to breathe. But the music always puts those thoughts on the back-burner. All the pain becomes white noise once my hands hit the black-and-white bed.

I decided to play the classic “I’ll be home for Christmas”. I have a huge holiday music bible which is simple enough to allow me to expand on the melodies. This in the fixed-up Metchosin Community House, a beautiful, expansive room where we used to always have our piano parties. It is fully accessible too, so nice and easy for me to move around.

Kristin generously invited my students along to play, if they so desired. I am teaching Lisa, my EA (educational assistant) from SIDES and her daughter, Emma. It was their first recital, so I could tell there were a bit of butterflies floating around them, but Lisa decided to play a beautiful rendition of “Greensleeves”.

I was just so proud of Lisa for playing! There is another adult student of Kristin’s, which must have been nice. Usually its just a bunch of kids (the littlest ones are so sweet! I am impressed that their fingers can move with such dexterity!) I hope it encourages some of the older students to take on students as well, because it is the most rewarding job I have ever undertaken. I actually am shocked that I get paid to have so much fun, but I would like eventually to put myself though med school, so I have to save somehow.

After everyone has played their pieces, we all get to chow down on some of Kristins’ famous fruit ‘flan’, more a delicious spongy/flat cake with season fruit a top it. It is all-round a wonderful evening! Can’t wait for Christmas…just a few days. “Will it snow?”- that’s always the big question here. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…just like the ones I used to know…hmmmm mhhmmhmm…

I Heard the Bells…

Happy Christmas everyone!!

Christmas was nice, the quiet kind, but in a way that was rather comforting. We didn’t do anything special, but of course the dinner was magnificent! All of my favourites (stuffing or dressing, depending where you live ;P) and of course homemade cranberry sauce!!

I felt just awful during the day. It seems that whenever the chance arrives that there could be a good day, the Lyme stamps it out quite effectively. It is cruel, although I know the bacteria doesn’t really check a calendar.

I did, however have a fun time playing some classic christmas songs from my monster christmas book, which I absolutely love! All those familiar songs are easy enough to play too, so there isn’t much thinking involved. There is something wonderful about traditions; they wrap you up in a wonderful warmth and fill you with a feeling of belonging.

Some of the best presents I’ve ever received, however, aren’t the kind that came in beautiful boxes and bows under a tree. The most cherished gift I have ever received are intangible. Is there anything quite as wonderful or perfect as love? If there is anything more important or beloved than a friendship, what is it? Could there be anything more precious than compassion, more blessed than a smile, more valued than a kind word? Is there anything that could be more special than this, all, every, moment?

But of course, none there are.

White Christmas?

The whole time I told everyone, “I’ll be home for Christmas,” and sang it, just like the song. I used to believe that I would be home. That I’d be tucking into turkey dinner at my house and opening presents under a wispy tree, like usual. Call me the eternal optimist, but I didn’t think I’d be here now. I might actually like, no, love Connecticut, except for the circumstances. 

Today was so busy! I’m exhausted! I had to fast for ages, then we drove an hour to get an ultrasound. The snow is piled in places as tall as me! Crazy! No gallstones! Yes! Then I had to get blood work done and the dressing on my PICC line changed. We met these people at Dr. Jones’ office and they are coming for dinner. Isn’t this world a strange place? Disease apparently brings us together right? 
I’d be totally happy to crawl into bed and hibernate. On the radio they said it was zero-degrees-Fahrenheit (I spelled it so yah could get the FULL impact!) with the wind chill factor. Which means my body could actually go into hibernation mode without me even thinking about it. Shiver shiver! 
That song, “I’ll be home for Christmas”…is so sad. The soldiers knew that they wouldn’t be home for Christmas, or even home at all, but they still hoped. They still sang that lamenting melody we all know. And deep down I knew that I wouldn’t be home for Christmas. I don’t want to face that I’m sick, or just how sick I am. I will be home for Christmas, but only in my dreams. 
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