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Even if the sky wasn’t overcast, the brilliant changing leaves of gold and rust and blushing red would outshine the sun. The trees are on fire, the rain collaging the streets with leaves. It is a very different kind of beauty here than the perpetually green West Coast.

The new antibiotic I’ve been taking is supposed to be gentle, although it doesn’t feel that way from the inside of my body. I slept terribly last night. My body feels incredibly hot and cold all at the same time, so half the time I am unsure why I’m trembling. Aching in joints I almost forgot existed :P. It’s been a take-it-easy-slow-down-and-drink-tea kind of day. Gramma came over before I was up, and we all had food together (breakfast for me, lunch for everyone else), then tea, of course. Tea is a religion in my family. I consider it just tea snobbery (specific ratios of milk to tea, temperature, how much the water boiled, and brand of tea all enter into this ritual). I drink any color tea at any temperature with the tea bag left in all afternoon, a horrific practice in the eyes of my family I’m sure. There is something about that flavoured water that turns the most ordinary people into die-hard British tea lovers (snobs). Perhaps in 50 years we will find out that there is something in black tea leaves that makes it super addictive, like nicotine in tobacco. I am sort of joking but sort of not. I love my family, and their quirks :P.

Relaxing days for me generally involve a great deal of knitting. I finished off a size extra-small armband today in ‘Tahitian Sunset‘ -hot pink, orange, and lavender stripes (these colors actually go…I know it sounds like a strange combo, but they look amazing together). Already have it up on my Etsy shop. Talk about being organized, hmm?!

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