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And (again) It’s Just Another Day

There are piles of snow around New Haven that are practically mountains, especially in the parking lots. Very cool. It’s 16 F (-10 C). Which is so NOT cool for me. 

Out the window of our apartments, there is a ‘river’ with towering cement walls. It is still slowing well enough for this time of year, I’m getting doubtful that it will freeze over. Which is a shame because it looks so cool when it does. 
Today I feel extremely foggy. Lots of pain and pain med’s are to blame probably. It feels like it takes a decade for the words from the outside to float into my brain and vice versa. So forgive me if this is crazy disjointed. 
My dad is visiting from Victoria, which is nice I guess but also very weird. I have no memories of him at all. I actually don’t know his name either. It surprises me ever time I catch sight of him, because obviously with the whole memory thing it is like a new person just walked into the house…ever minute or so. I guess my whole hallucination and paranoia thing doesn’t help the matter. 
Mom made won ton soup! Oh my favorite and my bff Devon’s too, I think. It took awhile to fold them and usually I help but my hands are so painful today that I decided to pass. Last Christmas we had two of the coolest people stay with us, who were from China but going to Pearson college and we made won ton soup together!! It was so much fun!! That was a super good Christmas, one of the best!
Today we went to Whole Foods. For you non-American’s, I cannot possibly express how epic Whole Foods was. In California, ever since I was little, the half hour pilgrimage to Whole Foods was no problem. They had the best produce and I loved running around the towering isles, buying the yummiest fruits and bulk pasta (oh I still love the bulk machines), seafood, organic specialty stuff and that jazz. The people who work there always were super nice and helpful to boot. They also have a crazy good selection of prepared foods (like Israeli Couscous salad and the pizza!!!)! I could go on and on about the glories of Whole Foods, but anyways…We went there. In Connecticut, there is only one store. And lucky us it’s only 45 minutes away!! Very exciting. They also have makeup and shampoo and perfume stuff thats free of icky chemicals. It was very fun. It brought lots of good memories with it and was just as good…no BETTER than I remembered!
The call of the soup is very tempting. I must fly. Ciao!
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