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There and Back Again

I am so tired. It is taking a ridiculous amount of brain power to write this, although I’m actually hardly saying anything.

We went to New York (oh not New York, New York…I wish!) to visit my doctor, Dr. Horowitz, in Hyde Park (home of FDR’s library and the CIA (Culinary Institute!). The drive is VERY long and VERY dull, but at least I was in good company and I had my music and some snacks (yummy!). Its about a 6 hour drive I think, but my body would have to disagree; it felt like ages!! We stayed at a hotel about an hour or two from my doctor, just to break up the trip, and then stayed overnight there. I was very tired when we arrived…I could barely walk or talk, and couldn’t really feed myself, which is totally embarrassing and makes me feel like a total looser- I like being self-sufficient (that’s what I call it, but my family would say ‘stubborn’…).

The next day we went to the doctor, and the appointment went really well, and we didn’t have to wait extremely long (only and hour, and believe me, that’s practically early for some doctors…). We discussed my favorite topic *rolls eyes*, being Lyme disease…and all of my symptoms. We did some med switches and additional vitamins *gag* and other such wonderful things and then we were off and rolling out of there. We drove for awhile and stayed again at a hotel, just a few hours from the border.

We got drugs!! Oh my favorite things in the world *big smile*!! Alot of drugs. I was wondering how the hell they were gonna let us back into Canada with the shitload of drugs we had stashed, but the magical words “American Citizen” and “Sick Child” and “Only in America” worked wonders, and we passed the border in no time – no inspection either…how about that hunh?

But I’m back to the calm of the lack now and its kind of nice, in a way. It is so non-hospital, non-doctorish, non-medical-anything and so peaceful that it makes a nice change. Love you guys!! xoxo

Oh, and to all my American friends back “HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!” WOO! Hope your wearing your colors and saying the pledge and singing the anthem with pride!! xoxo

My Favorite Things

A few days ago, we went to Hyde Park, New York -home of the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and FDR’s library and home, and near Vassar! – to go to a *gasp* doctor! Yah, that totally took you by surprise! Bet you didn’t see that one coming *rolls eyes*. We saw my other Lyme doctor, Dr. Horowitz’s PA, Lauren and then Dr. Horowitz came in with Dr. Hecht a visiting naturopath from Maine or New Hampshire.  The PA can do everything a doctor does-prescribe, examine, discuss, blahblah- but they are underneath the doctor, and the liability is all his. So pretty much a sweet deal! She was nice but we seemed to talk for such a long time and I was so sleepy! We waited an hour and forty-five minutes on top of that to actually see the PA! Crazy! They put me on ANOTHER drug which should help me, or make me sicker and then help me. I don’t really know. We drove there and back in one day…it’s only two hours each way but still! I’m real tired now. Gotta go. 

I Just Can’t Wait to get on the Road Again

OMG! What a very action packed few days it has been.

Firstly, and like obviously most importantly, OBAMA happened. I’ve been an Obama fan since the list of candidates first came out. By the calendar, its January. By my mind, it’s June. I don’t know who won. It’s a shock every time I hear about President Obama, because my last memories, of June, is that they are still doing all that pre-election stuff. I’m totally jazzed that he is now our official president. 
I can’t help but sing the ‘Bob the Builder’ song every time I hear the slog ‘Yes we can’. Sorry…its the babysitting, you know.
A couple of days ago we drove up to Hyde Park, New York. I was totally bummed out that we were going to New York but not going to NYC. It’s about a 2 hour drive from here to Hyde park, this dinky little city, home to the CIA (not the crime stoppers! the Culinary Institute of America!!!!) and not much else. We stayed at a really crummy hotel but really the only nice hotel in the city. I could barely get my wheel chair around the place. They totally have like the worst shampoo in like hotel history-it smells like creamsicles, except ones from the seventies that have been sitting out for that long. Not exactly my fav.
Guess what we were doing in Hyde Park? You absolutely won’t believe it, but we saw a *gasp* doctor! I know isn’t that like the weirdest thing? *rolls eyes*. His name is Dr. Horowitz. And he’s been a practicing Buddhist for like 20 years or something. I think that breaks some stereotypes! Anyways, he is a way cool doctors and one of the best I’ve seen. He spent like 2 hours with us, asking questions and prescribing things (woot! like pain killers! :D) and doing the whole ‘does it hurt here?’ thing that I love so much. He was so nice and seems really passionate about Lyme. He’s starting me on a whole bunch of new drugs soon, including a different IV drug, which should be fun and should make me sicker now but better in the long run. Oh joy of joys right? I got about 20 vials of blood taken. Which was not so fun. You know those HUGE syringes that they have in like medical shows, the one that have like 40 ml’s in them…I had 3 of those drawn full of blood, and then a few vials after. But it’s not so bad now because they can take the blood directly out of the PICC line which is seriously the best thing ever because it involves no needles! The nurse was really kind. Her name was Nicole too and she was born 10 years before me a few days before my birthday. Kinda freaky hunh? I did have to get some blood taken from my antecubital fossa (you can thank Miss Devon for that sweet knowledge!) but not like an insane amount. I did feel faint though, but no surprises there. They also injected me with a few  of those big syringes full of glutathion, which is something that the liver usually makes, and can help fight toxins or something. And I am just totally ranting. 
We actually went to the CIA for dinner. It is like the equivalent of an Ivy league school for cooking. It wasn’t super fantastic or anything like I was expecting, which is a total shame. We had these satay pork and beef skewers which were just so perfectly seasoned but the caesar salad was cut up in these itty bitty pieces and the leaves were all brown and gross. And the pizza was soggy. But it was generally just okay. We have this huge, bad ass cook book from the CIA which we probably have never used that is like ‘cooled cucumber soup for 120’ or ‘fois gras for 50′ and other really fiddly and complicated things for an inordinate amount of people. 
I’m so tired. The trip was not like fantastic but really beneficial I guess.
You know, the ‘Welcome to New York’ sign as you cross state lines has a little ‘I hear NY’ on it. I laugh so hard and tried to take a picture but it was too late. 
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