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There is nothing quite as summery as sitting lake-side, eating cherries and hanging out with a good friend. Elk lake is simply stunning, even though it borders the highway. Its lake is a faded denim blue, with small curving waves, and tangles of green weed just below the surface. Its a local’s favorite spot for swimming, rowing, canoeing, and lounging by. It was warm out today, warm enough to want to go swimming in the lukewarm water, but not quite.

Anat and I sat in the shade of one of those big trees on the grassy lawn at Elk lake. We even had the foresight to bring chairs and pillows and that sort of thing. Now that we are all finished with school, “good times” and plans-for-the-future are the most favored topics. We just sat and had a wonderful time talking and admiring the lake. She has a terribly contagious laugh. 😀

The Lake!

Mum and I went down to Elk lake today, after not being able to get into Butchart Gardens with our pass because of the FireWorks day. I didn’t know whether Elk lake’s path was accessible, but we found out it was. There is a narrow path from the parking lot all the way down to the sandy beach! In a small protected “mini-cove” beside the beach, I watched the baby duckies dig around in the weeds, looking for some lunch. The light was just so beautiful. It always makes me feel a little brighter being able to see the water.

We sat up on a little ridge, overlooking the lake, shaded beneath some pines. It was quite breezy, but we carry a considerable amount of outerwear in the car for the ever-changing Victoria weather.

I had my copy of “Harry Potter y la piedra filosfal”, (HP 1) which I read out loud for fun. I wrote down a few of the words I wasn’t sure about; cuchicheaban, trastoraba, tambaleaba. The words feel nice when you say them, but I only guessed at their meaning. I had to look them up when I got home.

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