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Tea for two, with a side of Nostalgic Pie

My wonderful friend Jessica, is back in town, after much musical-globe-trotting, and schooling abroad. Jess is a bright light, quirky, bubbly and a very talented violist and singer. She is always so busy, that this peaceful summer lull makes quite a welcome change.  It was so nice to be able to call her up yesterday and make plans to chill today! That has never happened, and I’ve known her since we were in grade 5…gosh…has it really been 9 years already? I’m kind of teasing her here, but its usually really hard to get together with her outside of school…its kind of a joke among our friends.

We met at the Solstice Cafe for tea, a cafe that hearkens back to Paris and Vienna’s artistic cafe’s, that I’ve only read about in novels. Organic, local, fair-trade, with lots of vegan baking. Paradise, essentially.

Maybe its because Jess and I are around the same age, but when we’re together, it still feels like we’re little girls, a giggly duo who can literally talk forever. When you grow up with some one, sometimes you can’t appreciate how much they have matured, blossomed, until you’ve been away from them for awhile. I’m not talking about the ‘oh-I-can-see-you-as-an-accountant-already’ kind of grown-up, nothing bad or dull like that. 🙂

I kind of had this idyllic notion, that when it was time for people to leave to go to school, no one would really go far, Vancouver at the worst, and we’d all stay as close and our lives as interconnected as before. Most of my good friends I’ve known since Middle School, and that circle hasn’t changed very much, although we have all grown into very different people, our personalities complementing each other in our quirky way, friendships that are as well worn and treasured as a pair of favorite dancing shoes. I try to write like I am blissfully unconscious of my audience (hello? are you out there 😛 ), and so its ‘just the facts’. I know that its 100% non-fiction when I write that I have the most cherished friends imaginable; I am truly blessed. Pardon me as I overflow with nostalgia for the old days, of playing Cops and Robbers in the rain, our kilts swishing, ridiculous nicknames, playing the ‘Blue’ game on the swings, the Pickle Trees, and gossiping in Windy House…

Oft, in the stilly night,
  Ere slumber’s chain has bound me,
Fond Memory brings the light
  Of other days around me …

 (Thomas Moore)

It is kind of exhausting, talking for so long, but I wouldn’t trade our catch-up for anything. I haven’t been feeling super-dee-duper lately…always feeling like I could have used another decade of sleep, not wanting to move or think too much. Anything but knitting, or practicing my Debussy repertoire (recital on Monday!) seems too overwhelming.


Fallen leaves scattered over the pavement is a rare sight in Victoria. Often the winters are so mild that the deciduous leaves are still on the trees in February, and once dropped, are quickly replaced by buds. Most of the leafy trees in the area are bare, because we have had quite a lot of fierce rain and wind, roughly knocking and shaking them off the tree, as if the elements are playing some sort of childish game.

Before my needle change today, we went to school to pick up my yearbook. I’m only a 1/3 of a year late, but no matter. I was very excited to see our grad and baby pictures, read the comments and laugh over the inside jokes and nicknames and memories. I have read many years of grad comments, but without really knowing the people all that well. It means more when you’ve known the people for 7 years. A big change. I said hello to the lovely lovely office staff, and our headmaster briefly. The office is a very busy center, situated between the library, main corridor and the freedom of the outdoors. It is strange that my friends baby brothers and sisters are now seniors, sweating through their full IB work, and are taller than me, or their siblings! I miss them all very much. 🙁

Had my port needle changed, which was jolly good fun *rolls eyes*. Unfortunately, it has to be done every week which is irritating. I scar and bruise very easily, because I am so ‘fair skinned’ and because of the Lyme. There are nice little lumps of scar tissue over the port, which are quite uncomfortable when a fresh needle is poked through them. Doing IV twice a day doesn’t exactly help to alleviate the discomfort. I wouldn’t mind doing it quite as much if it didn’t taste bad and was very caustic going in. But then, if it wasn’t doing much good, there would be no point of doing it. NO one likes doing medication. Obviously. I like the kind of infection that can be cleared up with a few days to a weeks worth of antibiotics. Alas. I am very tired now.


I have been continuing to spin with the drop spindle which is so much fun. I have just finished my first few meters 2 ply wool in a nice heather gray color, which is about as thick as a water-sodden shishkebab stick.

It was very hard work, and I had to take several break while spinning, but listening to the epic Beowulf definitely spurred me on. Its one of my personal favorite, and every time I read it or listen to it, I can scarcely believe that is was written so long ago, and isn’t just a modern poem/short-story. I especially enjoy the epic battle with Grendel, and how he’s all…”well, Grendel doesn’t use weapons, so neither will I! I am just that tough! I have the strength of 30 men in my grip. Rawr!”. Total epic. All the power to you, Mr B-Wulf.

I think that Grendel is a good, solid name for a fat cat, don’t you?

The Writing Bug

Today turned out to be quite busy…but surprisingly very little was done. In the early afternoon, mum and I went to Butchart Gardens for a little bit, took a few snaps. It was brilliantly sunny out, and the suns rays tickled my face, and it felt so clean and peaceful. I see so little of it that it was a real treat. Simple pleasures are always the bestest, and most beloved.

Our schools seasonal magazine “Traditions” has asked me to do a small piece about my time at GNS, which is seriously awesome. I am very stoked…I love my school so much, and I’m very excited to share. I have just been trying to coordinate the details of the article and desperately trimming of the excess words to fit within the word-count! I just finished them today…phew! I just found out it was due so soon less than a week ago, so I have been scrambling, not like I found the subject difficult or anything. When the issue is published, I’ll post a link to it here :D.

Still in its batter-y stage. Still delicious.

Yesterday, Mum made the most perfect vegan/gluten-free/sugar-free chocolate-chip banana bread, a recipe from the Babycakes NYC cookbook. It turned out so fantastically. An instant classic. It calls for 6 bananas in the recipe, because they are used as an egg substitute too, so that leads to an intense banana flavor. Wowzer.

The Graduate

I am notorious for being scatterbrained, but seriously, I have not written in such a long time because of all the wonderful and exciting things that have transpired in the last few weeks. I have entered the next phase of ‘life’, and I feel woefully old. Wrinkle cream for my next birthday, please!! 🙂 lol.

Anyways, I am no longer the eager school child, dutifully giving up more than 3/4 of each year for 13 years to my education, and have now moved on to full-time education for probably the next 13 years. -> Only joking, Mother. Promise.

I would first like to take this opportunity to say a little ‘Ha ha ha Told-you-so’ to those who thought graduation was a pipe dream for me. Okay, it might have been awhile ago, but with perseverance, help and chocolate I rolled across the stage last night at the University Center Auditorium to accept my mock-Diploma (the real one is mailed later, but it is a ceremony, so they give you this folder with your name in it…I shall cherish it always!). I was very very very excited. As you can imagine. The feeling of adrenaline rush associated with fear and excitement was once referred to by one of my dear friends as having “owl’s in your tummy”. I find this expression very apt in describing this situation. I was rolled all over hells-half-acre to be able to get from the top of the balcony to the stage and back again. Thank you so much to those who pushed me around all night :D. It was all very wonderful and I wouldn’t never want to forget such a magical night. When I finally get my diploma, I’ll photocopy it and post it here.

The Graduates

Celebrate Good Times

The National Anthem, sung by a fabulous 5.

Jolly Good!

Today was a super super busy day! First off…its my mama’s birthday and my aunties (they are twins!). Of course, being the wonderful daughter and niece that I am, I completely forgot that it was the 10 of June. In my defense, I have very little use for a calendar in my day to day life…what use is it knowing the day, if it is so jarring to find out! We had a lovely birthday dinner for Mum though, which was nice, and cake. I gave her my grad picture (how modest, I know :P), with the inscription: Hell froze.

Today was also my grad luncheon at the Union Club downtown. It is like the last time we are all together and having fun outside of school stuff for awhile, besides exams and grad, and prom. But still, one of the last! We had a wonderful buffet lunch, and just got to have a laugh. As our goodbye gifts, and as our initiation into the GNS Alumnus, we were given pewter tankards with the GNS crest, and our Alumni pin, also emblazoned with our symbol! Tres cool. It officially makes me a grad, and means that my life is, yet again, moving off in another direction. Soon I will be pushing off from shore, and sailing…where?…who knows?

As if the day couldn’t get any more exciting, I finally finished my sweater and its beautiful! Its sort of a dark periwinkle color, and just Knit/Purl – very simple – but I did it all myself, and it turned out!

Unfortunately, not the most attractive picture. In part, because its like 2 in the morning, I’m in a bathroom, and I’m trying desperately to hold myself up!
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