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I Voted! Did you?

Yeeaaah. Just Voted.

Congratulation Elizabeth May for getting a seat in Ottawa; a historic victory for the Green Party (a first for North America!). I live in Saanich, but was just outside of her riding, although I was definitely rooting for her loudly. It  is so exciting. Better luck next time for Shaunna Salsman, our Esquimault-Juan de Fuca GP candidate. What really drives me crazy is that only 61% of people, nationwide voted (that’s 14,720,580 of 23,971,740 registered voters). Wow. No wonder there is, yet again, another Conservative Majority Government in Ottawa. Alas. The way a vote counts in Canada is very confusing, and does not mean that a vote nation wide counts towards a seat in government. Hopefully this system will change in the near future, so the Green Parties percentage of votes will reflect the true number of seats voted in: 13. Hopefully next time, even more people of my age group, and rock the vote. It’s about time things were shaken up cross-country, and I feel we’re the ones to give it a go.

Today I had so much fun in my grade 6 teachers classroom, Mrs. Crossley. I dropped in on her grade 8 English class, and helped edit some of their essays on Much ado About Nothing. I remember doing this same project all those years ago, and I probably still have my green and pink mask about the character Beatrice somewhere. I had a great time helping the kids. Mrs. Crossley really taught me how to write a good essay, and I still follow the diagrams that she teaches from today. The format of an essay is so ingrained in my mind now that I do it automatically when I write anything. I signpost in my sleep, and my brain churns out a thesis statement on auto-pilot, as soon as I read the question or see the topic. I get to go back tomorrow, and I can’t wait :D.

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