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These Are the Days

It is just gorgeous out there today, but not as nice as yesterday, when it was about 83 F (or 29 C). It about 10 degrees F cooler today but still not bad! So nice that the weather finally decided to get nice, just when we’re leaving town.

And we’re leaving tomorrow. 
Went to Dr. Jones’ office to say goodbye to everyone there, and went to Costco for some list of drugs I’ve been on (oh its a long list!). Said goodbye to the people at Trader Joes too. I can say this for Connecticut-ians (what do you call someone from CT?), they are sure friendly and nice. And generally crazy drivers :P. It’s not the worstest place to be stranded, I mean at least its on the ocean, and we’re not in some flat, boring place like Nevada (no offense to people who live there, but it is a little dull, dontcha think? at least they’re legal prostitution and gambling right?).
I feel like a slug is in my brain slurp-slurp-slurping away at my thoughts. I bet all this text will be just random letters and gibberish. Sometimes it surprises me its not! And incidentally I cant believe that there is a word (and a very cool one at that) for nonsense, but at least ‘gibberish’ is a pretty sweet and made-up sounding word.

Summer In Spring!

Today was such a gorgeous day. I am not joking when I say that it was 83 degrees F (or 28 degrees C). Isn’t that ridiculous!? Even now, at like almost 9 o’clock, I’d say its in the low seventies! OMG! I’m in heaven. And a short sleeve shirt, which is like a rare occasion for me! 

We went to Whole Foods today which was super-dee-duper fun obviously! We bought scallops and had them for dinner! Yum! I wonder why scallops are always de-shelled, versus like a clam or oyster ‘in the shell’? I could google it but that would take the mystery out the ‘mysterious’ de-shelled scallops, which would practically be a crime!
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