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It apparently snowed a bit this morning which is pretty cool, though it doesn’t look like much out there. I heard that they got 150% more snow already than last year, which makes me feel better, knowing that all this snow is just a fluke and not regular. I don’t know why it is comforting, but chaos is. 

I had a guitar lesson today. Which is pretty sweet. I played guitar just a bit before I started to forget stuff, you know just chords and that kind of stuff. But I have always been really good at sight reading so that’s basically what I do in lesson. Sight read cool jazz music and discuss why seventh-flat-five’s and minor-flat-sixths and so wonky and why they exist, when it would have been a perfectly lovely world (at least for my fingers!) without them. Its a lot of fun and I now have really killer calluses on my left hand fingers, which hurt a little every time I type. A small sacrifice for the sweet music knowledge, I suppose.
My grandma Thelma – now isn’t that a way cool name? – is here to visit from Ontario. It’s nice to see some new faces! Grandma makes really REALLY good baked yummies, and knits and sews fantastically. But she also swims like a tank. Seriously. She’s swum the equivalent of the English Channel, in a year!! And on the world map in her kitchen, there are a bunch on synchronized swimming badges. In the kitchen too, there used to be a drawer, right under the glasses cupboard, with a whole bunch of toys. A blue plastic phone, glitter crayons (a fav!!), a coloring book, and a Monchichi puzzle. For those who are not familiar with a Monchichi doll, I believe they are the missing link. They have fuzzy hair in like a main around there face, and ears like a bear, a freckles, fur all over their bodies, and a tail. They’re ‘unique’ 
All of my cousins know that puzzle, and have called imaginary people with the blue phone, and doodles with the glitter crayons, which coat your fingers in wax and glitter that smells funny. These are some good times. 
When I woke up today, I couldn’t. I felt like I was trying to open my eyes under some extremely heavy water. I feel like I’m super drugged and so tired I’m going cross-eyed, but I guess I am really, so that metaphor was totally useless.  I still haven’t ‘woken’ up all day and its already night time. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow I guess. 
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