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Painting Posters

Today, I went with my mom to someone in the Lyme group’s house and we painted signs for the rally tomorrow! There were alot of other people there helping, many of whom were sick. Its frusterating, seeing how many people are sick, how many people cant get care. Everone has their own ‘Lyme Horror Story’. I painted alot of signs and now I am very tired myself. I feel extra sick this week.

They say I am going to speak, which I am a little nervous about. I can’t really practice a speech even because I will just constantly forget it, but no worries. Spare of the moment adds some zest don’t you think!?

The other day I met two of my friends for bubble tea downtown. Now for those of you yet to experience the wonders of bubble tea, I will here try to describe it: it is tea (obvs) with fruit juice or flavor added, with little balls of tapioca floating in it, which are blackish/brownish and kind of look like fish eggs, and have the consistancy of gummy bears, and topped with icecubes. Despite this less-than-apetizing description, it is DELICIOUS and the combination works. Its one of those things that you either love or hate! My favorite flavor is summer soother; green tea, lemon, honey! I saw so many people that I knew that day, and two of them joined our table later. It was so much fun. Bubble tea makes a day brighter!

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