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A Crack in the Line

Well…I have some good news and bad news. Now, personally, I’m the kind of girl that wants to hear the good first, because hearing it after sort of tarnishes it, don’t you think.

The good news: I’m over my cold!!

The bad news: My Picc Line has sprung a leak! We just changed the dressing today, but when we went to flush the line with saline tonight, I ended up covered in it. You can pretty much put two and two together when the evidence is staring at you in the face. There is just a tiny little rip, above the clip, thank god no blood. I can’t handle blood very well, not gonna lie. I’m writing this so I don’t panic. I like being able to breath thank-you-very-much. The thought is poisonous…it seems into my stomach and chest, weighing heavily inside me. Just the idea of having to face them pulling out the line, and then putting it back in terrifies me. What scares me more, would be them refusing to put a new line in. Then what? I don’t want to get cut afresh all over again. Been there, done that. It was fun and all of course, but really, certain experiences are best completed only once.

I think the plan is to get it ‘change’ tomorrow. Great. There’s something to look forward too!

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