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Do Not Try This at Home

We went to the ‘Puppies of Westport’ today, which sounds just about as good as it is!! Westport is like 40 minutes away from where we live in New Haven, but basically a straight shot. They have so many different kinds of puppies at this place, and (bonus!!) you can pick a puppy you’d like to play with! There was this little German Shepherd, that looked like baby Keeper, that curled right up on my lap, completely content and not hyper. I sat (well duhh) and stroked him so awhile which was really relaxing and the most fun I’ve had in ages. I hope we can go back there again soon.

We also went to Whole Foods and bought a whole bunch of yummies, again very exciting stuff, and waltzed around the makeup and fragrance isles, which is obviously the best part of the store!!
I awhile ago, I bought myself a ‘Worst Case Scenario’ calendar, complete with a do-not-try-this-at-home warning, which is from the most hilarious book ever (which you all should seriously read! you never know when that stuff will come in use). Its one of those filp-over-a-new-page-every-day type of calendar, and todays worst case scenario is ‘how to survive in a plummeting elevator’, which they do go on to say, is highly unlikely and even less unlikely that you will die. A minute ago, the idea of death-by-plummeting-elevator had never even occurred to me!! It is hilarious though, the whole book, in a really twisted and morbid way that I can’t really work out. And for future reference, your supposed to lie flat and cover your head to protect it from bits of the ceiling hitting you. That’s the grand survival plan of the day. 
I’m having a lot of trouble hearing stuff lately, which is totally annoying and makes me feel really old. It feels like my head is underwater, but it isn’t like the worst thing ever, just super irksome and tedious. I also feel totally out of it, like this is some really vivid dream/ nightmare world that I’m soon gonna wake up from, which I’m still hoping is true. 
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